Summer Weather

by Zach Ulmer

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released October 7, 2014

All songs written by Zach Ulmer
Percussion on tracks 1 and 3 by Ryan Fabian
Additional guitars on tracks 2 and 4 by Ryan Fabian
Recorded at Count It Loss Studios
Audio Engineering by Erik JC Kingsley



all rights reserved


Zach Ulmer Lynchburg, Virginia

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Track Name: Summer Weather
It’s been a long hard winter year
my heart’s been frozen by fear
I’ve got monsters in my head, and under my bed
but the one in the mirror scares me to death

My heart feels so cold
I can’t remember the last time I laughed in my soul
I’ve got ice running through my veins
They’re calling out my name to join them there in the dark

Oh, summer weather
won’t you come thaw my heart?
Chase away the cold, melt the ice inside my soul
and breathe new life into these bones

I’ve got a long way to go ‘till summer time
This winter season’s been draining out my life
I feel so cold
There’s no fire in my eyes
It’s getting old, this struggle to survive
Track Name: My Worst Enemy
I spend a lot of time locked up inside my mind
My feelings and my thoughts I keep safe
I keep a lot of secrets, like my sins and my failures
I’m so scared of what they’ll think of me

Maybe if I hang my heart on these steel strings,
I’ll feel a little more free
If I let out all my demons,
maybe they’ll stop screaming at me
All that I know now is that these chains around my neck
will be the death of me
I am my own worst enemy

I’ve got a lot of insecurities
like, “What if my son will be ashamed of me?”
“What if I can’t live up to what they expect,
if I can’t be the man God made me to be?”

When will I feel free?
Track Name: There is a battle raging in my head
I can't sleep at night
because i can feel their eyes
watching, waiting
jaws dripping, just waiting on me to fall
oh they wanna see me fall

They're screaming in my head
"Give up, give up son
You ain't got nothing left"

I can't sleep at night
because every time i close my eyes
i just see the blood on my hands
and i just cannot understand
how you love a wretch like me 
why haven't you let me drown in this sea

I can't sleep at night
the Devil and God they fight
inside my head
Oh God I hope you win

I don't want to believe them…
But I do

I know that there is more for me
I know that Hope is a real thing

So you can take your guilt, take your shame
and shove it right in your face
I was bought at the price of the blood of Christ
I have been washed clean
My past does not define me
Track Name: Where I Feel At Home
I stare with blank eyes
just like these dark grey skies
look up at the clouds
and watch their tears come down
I don’t know, but I feel at home

I look out the door
and watch the rain come down
and flood up the floor
Where does my mind go now?
I don’t know, but it feels like home

Darling, please believe me
I’m trying my best
But I can’t drown out the screaming

These rain clouds are where I feel at home
I’m not used to the sun’s rays
shining down on my face
I don’t know where to go,
but I know that I don’t belong here
Track Name: Untitled
I write these lullabies in hope of singing myself to sleep
In hope that I’ll finally find peace in dreams
in real life fairytales I have ceased to believe
I look around and all I see is nothing 
just the darkness that covers my heart and
keeps me from seeing You, from feeling You 
and I can’t help believe that You have left me

But I know that that can’t be true
"I’ll never leave or forsake you"
it’s what You said to me and I know that 
Your promises are forever steadfast and immovable and unbreakable
So I choose to believe that You will never leave me

I will hold on to the belief that You’re there 
just around the corner
just out of my reach
but I’m within Yours
and forever I will be
and one day I’ll find peace